A few words on almond butter

December 13th, 2008

Today I hauled out the food processor (in a tiny kitchen, this is an Event) and thought I would whizz up a batch of almond butter. An inviting recipe for Poppyseed Cake on Chocolate&Zucchini sparked my interest, and it called for 1/4 cup of almond butter. The organic almonds from our corner grocery, plump new-crop nuts, measured 1 1/3 cup, so I whizzed, pulsed, and blitzed (as Jamie O. would say). With 3 teaspoons oil (a flavorless colza oil instead of heavy olive oils- I couldn’t find coconut oil in local shops) and a pinch of sea salt, the blitzing continued to grind finer and finer. A little more oil and I had almond butter pasted to the sides of the processor bowl and a nutty streusel-like mix remaining on the bottom; this was blended with the spatula a couple of times. More blitzing, as I thought: should it take this long? Finally I was satisfied and scooped-scraped the brown nut butter into a clean 10 oz. jam jar.  Next time, I’ll whizz less than a cup of almonds at a time, and I’ll sacrifice a few vitamins for a lighter butter – using blanched marcona almonds. The result with raw almonds is dark and nourishing, but an elegant Poppyseed Cake deserves a more delicate butter.

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