East of the sun, west of the moon….

January 8th, 2010

Where will your dreams drive you in this new decade – don’t stop to say “this year”, but allow a greater frame.  Still, there is an immediacy connected to travel:  to return to places just tasted once (say, hiking in Thessaly in the spring), let curiosity coax you to explore unknown or rather more remote (maybe Moldova at Grape Harvest fest time), or venture way off the map in Turkestan tracking down native textile traditions.  All of the above hold great appeal, as do the cuisines of these diverse parts of Europe and the Asian hinterlands – but hold the ghee, in tea or otherwise, please. What would you like to taste again, where would you listen to the sea again, or to survey a Piedmont vineyard-scape that lingers in your memory ?  Consider which season, think about what will be primo in local markets – and be ready for surprises – wherever you roam.

The vagabond invites you to share your travel dreams, with  food and wine as part and parcel of your Voyages Extraordinaires !

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