Summertime’s simple pleasures….

June 30th, 2014

When the days are long and light, the windows swing open all morning as breezes sweep in…warm, sweet air.  A wonderful sense of liberation from the kitchen sets in:  eat the freshest, cook as little as possible. The season’s salads are clearly simple,  dressed in an array of vinaigrettes made with favorite fixings.  Begin with raspberry or sherry vinegar, a touch of mustard with a good dose of olive oil  swirled into the mix, snipped chives from the windowbox tossed over a bowl of little gem lettuce leaves.  If some strips of chicken, porkchops or grilled turkey steaks are on hand, good; or a few chunks of salmon – even better.   A sliced cuke, pleeled in ribs-stips adds a note of crunch. Is this lunch for one, or supper for three or four? Add a basket of bread and a board of local cheeses……keep it simple:  it’s summertime!