Absolut Cherries

June 19th, 2009

Vagabond Gourmand Absolut Cherries

Time for berries and cherries? Absolutely! And when the baskets are full, with no time for stirring jams and jellies, what to do?  This was a banner year for both red and yellow cherries – friends were giving them away: Eau de vie to the rescue!  Basic fruit spirits preserve all sorts of fruit, but when I reached for a jar in the pantry….oh, oh…..only vodka was at hand.  After an over-the-fence counsel, a short course from my petite voisine (little neighbor), I was ready to pot up the lovely cherries. Once the fruit is clean (any firm fruit will do, but avoid soft fruit like strawberries) and some are de-stemmed, they are ready to pop into a sterile canning jar (Mason, Kilner type wide-mouthed glass jars).  She said simply:  2/3 spirits – pour that over the cherries, then top it up with a light sugar syrup, cooled.  Basic ratio:  2/3 spirits to 1/3 simple syrup. Scald the lids and rings, set in place and screw on tight. Within a week, the fruits’ colors change, becoming muted as they wait….

Our cherries will be bathing in spirits for a year, waiting in a dark, cool cupboard for the 4th year celebration of VagabondGourmand!  This week marks our 3rd year on the Net, gathering impressions and passing them along. You have watched as the posts evolve, become more frequent, more varied and covering more ground.  I see a loyal following emerging, as thousands of visitors flock around – more specifically from Canada, from France and Ireland over the last 6 months. Bienvenue, and let us know what you would like to read about as the vagabond forages farther afield for the best ingredients, unusual markets, a dash of history, news and local color.  And because I know you will read more pages with every visit, from your perch somewhere in the wide world, I thank you again…merci mille fois!

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