Spring…..at last!

March 31st, 2013

With March slipping past, days growing lighter and longer…and primroses sprinkled across the Dordogne’s river banks, it might be safe to say that spring has come to southwest France.  More signs of the long-awaited season found in the market on Thursday morning included the first asparagus and new garlic, the shoots thinned from rows cultivated for the summer harvest.  Hungry for a touch of green on this Easter Sunday, the vagabond wondered:  why not try a non-traditional pairing with tender green asparagus?  Usually the partners are  hollandaise sauce, or a light lemony vinaigrette, but for a heftier treat:  chop up a couple of garlic shoots, mix with salt and chopped parsley and lemon as for a gremolata. With this ready ahead of time, it is a meal-in-minutes.

So, heat up the skillet, melt a little butter and pop in the asparagus, pushing them around as they brown a bit and squeeze a lemons to hear it sizzle…and take a whiff of spring!

Photos and more market notes up next….


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